Service Overview
Full- and part load services in Eastern and Western Europe as well
    as national
Storage and commissioning of refrigerated and dry goods
Smooth implementation of refrigerated transport
Import and export processing
Reliability and performance, flexibility and precision
Short-term, smooth deployment of vehicles of all kinds (when
     necessary with ADR (dangerous goods) equipment)
Availability of a double deck, when loading 66 euro pallets
Express shipments up to 3 tons
Performance-based and "all-in” prices
Quick and detailed transport calculation
Availability of trucks in Europe’s major ports every day
Large and reliable number of subcontractors
Traffic managers with years of experience in their relevant specialty
95% of all trucks are equipped to exchange pallets
The trucks are in terms of environment and technology up to date
     (such as Euro 5 and gas-fueled operated
Some trucks have 2 drivers at a time
Multilingual dispatchers
Removals all over Europe
Transports of containers: USA – Germany
24 hours availability